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Holistic massage is often called a healing touch. It's a gentle, invigorating and soothing massage to easy your day to day stress. 

This type of massage is not painful or stressful in any way.

While receiving such a massage you will lay in quiet room with subdued lighting. You will be situated on a large, comfortable massage table beneath soft towels whilst I am treating your skin with premium unscented oils and working on your musculature.

Techniques in holistic massage are derived from classic swedish style of massage.

However each individual therapist is developing their own slant and interpretation , thus each practitioner had a different touch and method of pressing. I generally combine various styles and techniques which appears to suit my new and regular clients.

I have various qualifications in both swedish and holistic massage.

These qualifications include the NFCE level 3 in Holistic Massage.

I was also awarded a grade of destinction for the Diploma in Holistic Massage from Stonebridge College, Cornwall, for which I am entitled to use letters S.A.C Dip

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07803 839194


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